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Renew your Energy with Perovskite

From microwatts to gigawatts WattByWatt offers
complete solutions for the production of renewable energies.

Renew your energy with the revolutionary technology of perovskite

WattByWatt is fully engaged in the energy transition by developing and offering high value-added products with a minimum environmental footprint.
The vision and values driving WattByWatt are energy efficiency and innovation. We are investing in research and development of new technologies and approaches to further advance renewable energy and reduce overall energy consumption and waste.

Harvest light with Perovton™ modules

Our Perovton™ photovoltaic (PV) modules are powerful and customizable, harvesting and converting light to electric energy to power electronic devices. They can be integrated into product designs for indoor or outdoor devices such as smartphones, cameras, sensors, remote controls, and others. These new modules not only extend battery life but will also create cordless devices that don’t need an external power source.

Boost solar panels’ efficiency with TandemSun™

Perovskite is also known for its capacity to boost the efficiency of solar panels by close to 25% by combining it with silicon to produce tandem power.
The TandemSun™ Perosvkite/Silicon solar cells are designed to be integrated in the next generation of solar panels bringing a quicker return on investment with more power generated.

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Order your custom solar panel

At Watt by Watt we can product costume solar panels with the perovskite technology up to 400 cm square.

Let us know what you’re looking for we will contact you with the quote and the lead times in 1 to 2 business days.