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We are your renewable energy solution

WattByWatt is a team of scientists, engineers and financiers dedicated to providing ways to produce efficient and reliable energy with a minimal environmental footprint.

The current climate crisis highlights the urgency for governments and companies to deploy more renewable energy solutions at a higher pace. As the rapid expansion of solar capacity puts additional pressure on the supply of materials such as silicon for solar panels or lithium for batteries, WattByWatt is bringing an alternative to the market.

Our low-cost, stable and durable perovskite photovoltaic modules provide renewable energy for electronic devices, building integration, electric vehicles and solar farms.

What is Perovskite?

Harvesting energy from the sun is getting more interest due to the energy transition. In the last 40 years silicon solar panels has been developed and its now dominating the market.

However, new photovoltaic (PV) materials, like perovskites, are emerging to widen the applications of solar power and improve energy production costs.

Perovskite is a synthesized material with photovoltaic capacity for absorbing light. We create PV modules to convert the light into electricity. They work indoor and outdoor, and they are more efficient and cheaper to produce than traditional silicon-based solar cells.

Our Partners

This venture will not be possible without the support of our partners for financing, technology development and training.



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