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Enhancing the efficiency and
sustainability of solar panels

WattByWatt TandemSun™ Silicon-Perovskite cell technology is poised to disrupt the solar panel market.

Our Silicon-Perovskite solar cells consist of silicon solar cells on top of perovskite cells. This tandem device boosts solar panels’ efficiency up to 25%, which represents more than that of single junction solar cells.
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How tandem solar cell works?

Good matching in the optoelectronic properties between perovskite and silicon solar cells has enabled the development of Silicon-Perovskite tandem solar cells. The combined absorption of both materials increases has reached the conversion efficiency of the panels to 33.2% in 2023.

This tandem architecture is built with standard silicon manufacturing processes and offers increased efficiency at a lower cost than that of overall production including raw materials, energy consumed, and waste generated.

This means further cost reduction in energy output, with less silicon surface required to meet electric production demand. This translates to less total energy consumed, less CO2 generated and less toxic fumes.

WattByWatt’s perovskite inks are developed to be used at ambient air conditions as they have been formulated with a unique, tunable photovoltaic property.

Moreover, the organic portion of the metal halide perovskite allows for facile processing, low temperature and low-cost fabrication, making them a candidate of choice for tandem PV technologies.

Thanks to the improved power conversion efficiency of the tandem technology, we are able to generate more power area density at lower costs with TandemSun™.

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