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Capt light lost energy.

Harvesting energy with Perovton™ modules

Based on our expertise in perovskites, the WattByWatt team of scientists and engineers have developed a perovskite formulation and manufacturing technique for high-performance mini photovoltaic modules called Perovton™.

These modules, just a few centimetres square, transform ambient light, whether natural or artificial, into electrical energy to power electronic devices in the home (IoT) and industry (IIoT). These include remote controls, smoke alarms, sensors, keypads, locks, cameras and much more. Devices equipped with Perovton™’s minimodules become autonomous, without wiring, and reduce battery use to the point of eliminating it in some cases.

WattByWatt Perovton™ indoor PV modules offer better performance at a lower cost than other solutions. These modules are conceived to either eliminate or extend the lifetime of batteries in electronic devices.

Order samples

Test it by yourself by ordering custom made solar panel. We can produce samples up to 400 cm square.

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Order your custom solar panel

At Watt by Watt, we can produce custom solar panels using perovskite technology up to 400 cm².

Let us know your requirements, and we’ll provide you with a quote and lead times within 1 to 2 business days.